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New York State loses 16,800 private sector jobs in December 2011

The New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) monthly jobs data shows that New York lost 16,800 private sector jobs in December..

Change in private sector jobs,
Nov. 2011 - Dec. 2011
  Net %
U.S. 212,000  0.2
New York State -16,800 -0.2
Source: NYS Department of Labor


The state’s unemployment rate in December 2011 was 8 percent, which is unchanged from the unemployment rate in the November 2011, according to the NYSDOL.

Unemployment rates (%)
  Dec. 2011 Nov. 2011 Dec. 2010
U.S. 8.5 8.7 9.4
New York State 8.0 8.0 8.2
New York City 9.0 8.9 8.8
NYS, outside NYC 7.3 7.2 7.8
Source: NYS Department of Labor

The data also shows that the sector with the most job gains between December 2010 and December 2011 was Professional and Business Services, adding 37,600 jobs.

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