Public Policy Institute of New York State, Inc.


A Guide to the Key Budget Issues
Confronting New York State in the Year Ahead

In 2002 New York State adopted a budget that increased spending at more than twice the rate of inflation, even in the face of a national recession and of the extraordinary damage done to New York's economy by the atrocity of 9-11.

As the year drew to a close, New Yorkers began to hear repeated and insistent warnings that their state government's budget was approaching a crisis stage. On November 7, the Public Policy Institute began publishing a regular series of one-page fact sheets on different aspects of the state's fiscal situation, from debt to local aid.

Those fact sheets, 11 in all, have now been updated with the latest numbers from the Census Bureau and other sources. They are collected here (as Adobe Acrobat PDF files) to serve as a resource guide for citizens who are following the budget debate in Albany. The contents: